20 People Shared What Human-Pet Bond Actually Looks Like

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The love of a pet is the purest love of all. They love us unconditionally, without reservations or second thoughts, and they remind us of just how important and powerful true love can be. The human-animal bond includes emotional, psychological, and physical interactions between people and our 4-legged friends. So we have 17 photos here that prove the pet-human bond is something special.

1. “I think we match.”

2. “My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond. I feel like the third wheel.”

3. “This animal shelter volunteer has a special bond with this dog. The dog trusts no one else and always waits for the volunteer to arrive.”

4. “I wanted a dog — my husband wanted a cat because dogs are ’too needy.’”

“So instead, we got a cat who won’t leave my side and loves when I hold her little paw while she sleeps!”

5. “This is Hanu. She smiles every time you walk into the room. Cannot physically help herself.”

6. “Our first foster puppy. Look at those puppy eyes!!”

7. “A woman in line comes up to me and asks, ‘Want me to make your day a little better?’ Then she pulls out...”

8. “Sorry boss, I can’t come in today. My dog is being too cute.”

9. “My GF sent me this while I was on the toilet.”

10. “I was gone for a month, and my big floof missed me terribly.”

11. “Please, tell me that you, too, are afraid to move when the dog falls asleep on you.”

12. “Home sick, but I’m not complaining.”

13. “My buddy Poe and I sharing a moment together, looking at the woman we both love as she snapped a pic.”

14. “I got my baby’s name tattooed! This is Linda and she’s 16 years old.”

15. “Don’t leave dad.”

16. “Adopted her a week ago and was told not to try and cuddle her until she signals she is ready. We think she’s ready!”

17. “My service dog is going to high school with me tomorrow!”

18. “She has the whole couch to lay on but chooses my knee.”

19. “Had to get surgery this morning. And these three won’t leave my side. Best nurses I could ask for.”

20. “I got to meet this precious baby yesterday, Sunny, the most beautiful girl ever!”

Do you have pics with your pet? Share them down below, and let us all get our daily dose of cuteness!

Preview photo credit Arsenicyellow / Reddit


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