17 Internet Users That Have Mastered the Art of Cooking

4 years ago

The revenue in the ready meals segment is slated to be around $240 million in 2020. But there are still some people who want to cook at home and they do it wonderfully, even though it’s sometimes a difficult process. Reddit users shared their cooking life hacks and what they found can also be interesting for you.

We at Bright Side are convinced that there are many useful tricks that our readers need to know when cooking at home.

“I froze a huge can of Costco tomato paste in balls so I should be set for like 5 years.”

“Add a little brown sugar to the egg to caramelize your French toast! Also, yay for breakfast at dinner!”

“I froze my extra herbs in olive oil this fall so I’d have herbs to cook with all winter. Dill potatoes anyone?”

“Use crushed, dried edamame as a breading for chicken in place of bread crumbs, for a high protein, less carb crispy crust that tastes awesome.”

“I always mince the giant bag of garlic, freeze it, and break off squares for cooking.”

“Cheese grater broke, so I used a vegetable peeler to shave my parmesan.”

“Carve out the center of food before freezing to make defrosting faster and more even.”

“Cook your eggs in onion rings, for a perfectly-shaped fried egg that is ready to go into a sandwich.”

“Freeze bacon before chopping to get fancy little bits.”

How to make a cake last for a long time

I slice a chocolate fudge cake before putting it in the freezer and then we just heat up a slice when we want it. Saves wasting half a cake when eating it at different times.

“Improvised ’scum skimmer’ for making broth”

“If you want the essence of citrus but not the tanginess, try using the peel instead of the juice!”

“Keep some meatballs in the freezer to step up any frozen pizza.”

“If you have a rice cooker, cook your salmon in it as well to save time!”

How to make perfect bacon

Perfect bacon starts in the microwave - 5 min par-cook for 10 strips (30-45 seconds per strip) covered in a paper towel. Finish on the stovetop to crisp. Less oil to clean, quicker overall cooking time, strips don’t curl and pan does not become overcrowded.

“Instead of cutting around the end piece, use an apple corer, it works perfectly on a tomato.”

“Snack prep: frozen yogurt bark with berries, chocolate chips and coconut for 104 calories a piece.”

Do you have your own cooking secrets? What makes the cooking process easy for you?

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Damn that onion ring trick is pretty smart.. I should start doing this!


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