17 Internet Users Who Can Tell You More About the World Than Wikipedia

4 years ago

Tiny discoveries are everywhere: in our favorite movies, at the gym, in stores... And internet users are always glad to share their findings. Do you know how to find the perfect sneakers or why we use this ❤️ symbol?

Bright Side always gets inspired by the unusual things that people find. And some of them really make our lives brighter!

“It turns out that straight bananas exist.”

They still have lots of customers!

“How old were you when you realized the green gummy bear is strawberry flavored?”

“I do this before I buy something online.”

“How have I only just realized that Gossip Girl was filmed at the Blank Space mansion?”

Another reason to make a lemonade

In case you don’t like lemons:

“An upside-down cat’s paw looks like a teddy bear.”

“I was today years old when I discovered you can use McDonald’s lids as coasters.”

“Today I found out that the reason we draw hearts like this ’❤️’ to symbolize love is because it’s 2 real hearts joined together.”

Does anyone tell any difference in taste?

“Did you know that cats don’t like to fight? It’s because a serious fight causes injuries that wouldn’t allow them to hunt.”

“I liked the scene in Up when it shows Ellie tying Carl’s ties. I just realized he wore a lot of ties, but then at her funeral, he wore a bow tie because he probably didn’t know how to tie a tie since she tied it for him every day.”

What made him try and realize this?

Now I think about this every time I look at him.

“Did you know that pistachios grow on trees?”

You didn’t think the statue was that big, did you?

Bonus: “We’ve been doing this wrong our entire lives.”

Which discovery did you like the most?

Preview photo credit Oskar_Payne / twitter


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Green gummy bear is strawberry? Oh, wow.. But no winder I didn't know it, since I ever read the package and usually eat 3-5 gummy bears at one time, so I can't distinguish the taste of any of them. :D


Chinese food doesn't need any commercial, because everyone knows how tasty it is ?


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