17 People That Broke All Stereotypes About Neighbors

3 years ago

Neighbors are very special people. There are some that know everything about everyone; some that are parents who are known for their children; and neighbors that are constantly doing renovations. And we all strive to have a good relationship with them in order to live calm and peaceful lives.

We at Bright Side are convinced that a good relationship between neighbors is an important ingredient to a peaceful life. 17 people from this compilation have already made friends with their neighbors, and they’re ready to share their experiences.

“I was cleaning up and asked my 12-year-old neighbor if he wanted my old Xbox.”

“I went on the balcony and saw the neighbors downstairs talking about the snow and the fact that they couldn’t drive their cars. And I see another neighbor on the balcony talking to a man.”

“So, Jim, you won’t be driving until spring now?
— Help me dig out the car!
— How can I help? I don’t have a shovel.
— I have an extra one!
— On my way then!

And he came to help! Now they’re cleaning the car, talking about something, and laughing. And you know what? I felt so happy — I haven’t felt like this since I was a child. And it doesn’t matter that they are well over 40 years old, they even played with snowballs!”

“My mom never eats what I cook but my neighbor loves it!”

Neighbors that care

“My neighbors brought me this since I didn’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving.”

When your neighbors find out you’re a vegetarian:

“There has been a lot of snow in the past few days. And we have only one shovel in the entire entrance. Today, instead of working out, I decided to clean the snow. I looked behind the door and saw this.”

“Babysitting my neighbor’s cat again”

To have good neighbors, you need to be a good neighbor.

“Yesterday, we had a lot of snow. The car is parked near the house and I don’t drive it to work. In the evening, my wife texts me: ‘Our neighbor cleaned the snow near your car. You owe her.’ It turned out that the neighbor was cleaning snow under her window so her husband could park their car and she cleaned my car too. In the evening after work, I stopped by the grocery store and bought some food for her. At night, we had a lot of snow again and the car was buried. In the morning, I saw that the car was cleaned again! This time, her husband did it. Such great people!” © jokerflam / Pikabu

“Shout-out to my neighbors being bros!”

“The neighbors knew I was going to be alone on Christmas, so they brought me this.”

“How did nobody notice this for 5 hours?”

“My neighbor lost her paycheck for a month. And she has a big family, so it was a huge problem for her. 5 hours later, I went for a walk with my dog and found some money. I saw it in the snow, very clearly. My neighbor still thinks I gave her my money.” © Irina Sherbakova / Facebook

“Our neighbor gives treats through the fence. Recently, he’s been giving my daughter treats too. This is them waiting patiently today.”

“Was playing the guitar yesterday and got a text from my neighbor.”

“Left this in my neighbor’s garden to cheer them up.”

“When I got home from a long day, I discovered that my very kind neighbor had plowed my driveway for me.”

“2 months ago, I was drilling 2 holes in my bathroom. The building chat was really angry. Yesterday evening, I needed to drill again. I decided to warn everyone, and here’s the result.”

“I get it now: the noise and the vibrations are irritating, of course. But it’s even more irritating when you don’t know when it’s going to end. And when you know, you just go outside for a walk. In 3 weeks, I’m going to have another repair and I’ll warn the people in advance so they can plan their day.”

Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors?

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would be nice to have a neighbor who would gift you their consoles 😅


I love that Marge Simpson idea hahaha
my neighbors have the same flowers at their place, I wanna try to recreate it too


so sweet of the people to take care of their older neighbors 😍


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