17 People Who Discovered Cool Features on Their Clothes

year ago

Clothing manufacturers always try to add interesting features to their items that their competitors don’t have. For example, they can add a funny embroidery, attach an unusual label or hidden pocket, or make a whistle or a bottle opener out of belt buckles. Sometimes these features remain unknown until their owners suddenly discover them a few months or even years after the purchase.

“I got a new hoodie with an endless zipper.”

“After 18 months of wearing this hat daily, I’ve just discovered there’s a pocket on the inside.”

“I’ve just noticed that my belt has a bottle opener.”

“My shorts have a hidden pocket.”

“My new socks with individual toes”

“My jacket has a spare button sealed in a small pocket inside the jacket.”

“My shorts have a little mushroom embroidery under the zipper.”

“My sweatshirt has a pocket inside the pocket.”

“The buckle on my backpack is also a whistle.”

“My socks have a left/right designation.”

“My wife’s jumpsuit has special zippers on the back that she can use when going to the bathroom.”

“The front pocket of my jeans has a little sub-pocket inside at the bottom.”

“My new ski jacket has ’rescue sleeves’ with instructions on how to use them if you need a helicopter rescue.”

“My snowboarding jacket has an inside pocket specifically for a minidisc player.”

This pair of socks has an image of a sad sock on it.

“My backpack has a solar panel on it.”

“I was walking out of the store, and suddenly the sales assistant cried out, ’Stop right there!’ I got confused and ran.”

“Only at home did I realize what really happened. I thought it was spare buttons and patches, but turned out it was these 2 things!”

Do your clothes have any interesting features? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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