17 People Who Drew the Short Straw That Day

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Schadenfreude is a German word that describes a feeling of self-satisfaction or pleasure that comes when people witness troubles, failures, or misfortune of others. There is no equivalent for this word in English, but this does not mean that such a feeling does not exist. You can choose to agree with it or not, but this study confirms that when we see someone who is having a worse day than we are, we feel relieved.

Bright Side has prepared a must-see article for those who are already disappointed with their day. Cheer yourselves up!

1. This is why it’s better not to put your feet on the faucet while shaving your legs.

2. Just burn the store down and start over.

3. This is the building manager’s fault! There’s a severe lack of “Do Not Drive Car Up or Down Stairs” signs.

4. “Thank you, Facebook! So happy right now.”

5. It seems as if the dog doesn’t like rain.

6. This is what happens when a lawnmower meets your wallet.

7. Buy an ice cream and receive meat as a bonus.

8. “Our neighbors painted their fence and this is how my car looks now.”

9. A pizza’s elopement

10. How many tries does it take you to open a yogurt?

11. “Fine! I’m on a diet anyway.”

12. “I thought I could repair my oven by myself. Mistakes have been made.”

13. “Art time with Mommy’s car”

14. “I was told Samsung phones are foldable now.”

15. “I used ice and room temperature tea, and this was the result.”

16. “The new neighbors put their fire pit a little too close to the garage.”

17. Subway ride gone wrong...

Have you ever had bad days? Tell us about your experience and emotions in the comment section!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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