17 People Who Have Some Unique Stories Behind the Jewelry They Wear

3 years ago

It seems that people have always liked to adorn themselves with necklaces and rings. But if people of the past wore, for example, beads made of pits or stones, nowadays this habit is still here, only the materials have changed. So we decided to find out what kind of jewelry modern people are crazy about.

At Bright Side, we found out that there are entire internet communities where people can brag about their jewelry. And it’s not just earrings and bracelets for many people, but something even bigger.

“I know it’s a little cheesy, but I bought this 3-stone ring to celebrate 3 years of maintaining my weight loss.”

“My engagement ring: Vintage opal and diamond”

“Vintage charm bracelet! This was my great-grandmother’s bracelet which could have also been given to her by her mother.”

“I hope my wife likes this ring.”

  • I bet she will hate it, so no need to even show it! I’ll just PM my address. © Jonnuska / Reddit

“My mom just sent me an opal tennis bracelet to match my wedding set.”

“I made my wife a hair spike. The swirls have a symbolic meaning related to events in our lives (some intersect and some are closer or further apart).”

“My favorite rings that I never take off”

“A ring with brown diamonds is on my middle finger, and a diamond cluster that I found in a second-hand shop is on my ring finger.”

“I wanted to share a picture of the lovely antique midnight blue sapphire necklace that my grandfather originally bought for my grandmother.”

“To me. From me.”

“For our 15-year anniversary, my husband took my wedding ring and all the wedding rings I had inherited from my grandparents and made one beautiful ring.”

“One of my favorite pendants. Ammonite, tourmaline, and shark tooth.”

“They just don’t make jewelry like this today: A gorgeous vintage ruby and diamond ring”

“This vintage 1930s bell necklace was a wedding gift from my father. I love it so much!”

“This yellow diamond center stone with garnet petals changes color with the light.”

“My late grandfather’s white gold and star sapphire ring. My grandmother said it was one of the things that first caught her eye when she met him!”

“I inherited this ring from my mom. It was my grandmother’s, and now it’s mine! I’m beyond happy that it fits perfectly without any adjustments. I’ve loved this ring my whole life and I can’t believe it belongs to me now. It’s perfect.”

“My new favorite pair of earrings I made from restored antique buttons.”

Do you have any old pieces of jewelry? Show them in the comments below.


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This diamond and sapphire ring was given to my mother from my father when they were married, about 30 years ago. She had lost a couple of the stones along the way, so stopped wearing it. The first mother's day after I started working at 16 I snuck the ring out of her room and took it to the jeweler for the repairs and cleaning. Cost me a little more than I expected, but she was so happy, I would have spent triple! Like three years ago she passed this beauty on to me. It always lets me see that love that existed (although now different) between the two souls that created me. Best gift ever!


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