17 People Who Know Firsthand Reality Can Totally Crash Your Expectations

2 years ago

When it comes to shopping, nothing can compare to the comfort of ordering things online. You don’t have to go anywhere and look for a parking spot, and you can choose whatever you want without even leaving your couch. But when your long-awaited order finally arrives, and you open the box, you might be unpleasantly surprised by how different it looks from that perfect picture on the website.

We at Bright Side also had some less than pleasant experiences when shopping online. And we can definitely sympathize with these 17 people who decided to share the pictures of their purchases with all of us.

1. “It’s my mother’s forty-fifth birthday today, so I ordered her a nice $25 bouquet.”

2. “SpongeBob is a dentist’s and optometrist’s dream!”

3. “So this is what I ordered online. What was I thinking?”

4. “Moroccan cookies”

5. “There is a fifth turtle, and she does have a yellow headband.”

6. “Expectation vs reality”

7. “Ice cream cake”

8. “This watermelon popsicle”

9. “What I wanted vs what I got”

10. “Thanks, I hate it.”

11. “Was looking for an aesthetically pleasing snack, still looking.”

12. “’Strawberry jam’ doughnuts”

13. “Looks like those cafeteria school lunches.”

14. “The container was a good size. Then I rolled the product up, and it was nothing.”

15. “I just want food.”

16. “Snow White cake.”

17. “This is why I have trust issues.”

Do you prefer shopping online or buying things in actual stores? Have you ever bought something that didn’t meet your expectations?

Preview photo credit cualcrees / Reddit


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