17 People Who Seem Able to Turn Everything They Touch Into a Masterpiece

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Although there are constant debates about whether creative people are born or made, researchers make their own points. Studies have shown that, indeed, creativity may be inherited from our parents, but still, it doesn’t mean that you can obtain this skill if your parents were not related to art. First, you may start by observing the ideas people came up with in this article.

1. “My friend 3D-printed Nicolas Cage into a pickle fridge magnet.”

2. “I made a lamp out of a broken old phone. The switch is the hang-up button.”

3. “This was my first creation from recycled cutlery. I made my wife a turtle and I’m kind of proud of it.”

4. “I preserved the web of my gorgeous porch spider (after she died).”

5. “I create needle-felted pet replicas.”

6. “I made a robin from a scrap of plywood.”

7. “My Halloween costume: the May Queen from Midsommar

8. “Made an epoxy resin Coca-Cola fake spill.”

9. “My compressor broke...so I made a Kevin from it.”

10. “I had a dream that I made cottage pie with starry night mashed potatoes. So I present to you The Starry Night Cottage Pie.”

11. “My husband made me this wood bag since I started doing more urban sketching.”

12. “This is a sculpture I made from plastic toy soldiers!”

13. “My wife made a Demogorgon costume for our little dude!”

14. “Skateboard art — exotic python, handpainted”

15. “I made this crab out of scrap metal!”

16. “A few of my upcycled lamps”

17. “I’ve been carving these little slate standing stones.”

Have you ever tried to craft something new from your old stuff? Share them with us, we’d love to see them!


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