17 People Whose Hopes Got Blown Away by Reality

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Life teaches us that not all of our hopes will come true, and our high expectations can suddenly crumble under the weight of reality. And even though feeling frustrated when a purchase, an order, or a service doesn’t match what was promised is totally natural, some people choose to take their disappointment lightly and laugh it off. After all, material things come and go, and a disappointing purchase isn’t worth ruining our entire day.

1. What she wanted vs What she got for a wedding

2. Bought ’’accent’’ lashes

3. ’’The one on the left is what my mom ordered for our cats, the right one is what arrived in the mail.’’

4. ’’I paid $2 extra for a serving of avocado on this sandwich.’’

5. ’’I ordered the cake on the right and got the cake on the left.’’

6. ’’I misunderstood my last online purchase.’’

7. ’’This is how much disappointment almost 90 dollars gets you.’’

8. ’’I ordered online and was sent only one right shoe. They “fixed” the issue by sending me 2 more right shoes.’’

9. ’’I ordered bruschetta from my local pizza shop.’’

10. “NOT the footwear I was expecting!”

11. ’’I got excited for gumball eyes when I heard the ice cream truck approach the park...’’

12. ’’His XL crate arrived today.’’

13. ’’Why you shouldn’t buy a sink online.’’

14. ’’I bought a hoodie online.’’

15. ’’I would have liked at least 3 mushrooms...’’

16. ’’Tie dye’’ socks that look dirty

17. Fake pockets

What was the most surprising purchase you’ve made? How do you tend to react when your expectations don’t match your reality?

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#1 can't moan. Should've spoken up when the first nail was completed. Not sit there through 10!! & then post the shame.


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