17 Photos With Backstories Worthy of a Hit Blockbuster

3 years ago

We rarely manage to take good pictures in real life, but some people are still able to catch something at just the right moment. This is how photographs of a wedding with raccoons instead of guests, Mr. Bean peeking into an ordinary apartment, and a sea lion clearly posing for the camera were taken.

Bright Side decided to find out more about the stories behind these and other extraordinary photos that were posted online. And now, you can learn about them too.

“While taking our wedding photos in the park, we were visited by a friendly family of trash pandas. They were looking for food leftovers. After making sure we had nothing, they went on their way.”

“My neighbors’ tortoise escaped and almost went on the street. She weighs around 250 pounds so this was their solution to get her home.”

“A moth got into the bathroom so a hunting party was formed.”

“I was cleaning my phone and remembered a funny story. I bought a teddy bear and the hotel maid tucked him in while I was away.”

“My wife and I inherited this safe from her rich grandmother. For 9 years, we moved it with us to 2 different houses. And today, we finally opened it.”

“My dad and I in the exercise room of the ship that brought us to Canada in 1954”

“We got a new kitten who has no fear, so this is how I have to eat lunch every day now.”

“Sometimes, you just need to sit in the sun and look fabulous. This sea lion gets it.”

“Yesterday, I broke my leg in the park. But some friends from the skate park figured out how to make a temporary splint.”

“I gave my dad a life-size Mr. Bean cardboard cutout and he’s been moving it around the house and shocked my mom.”

“I managed to catch the moment when my girlfriend was trying to dodge the spit.”

“I arrived at work and noticed I had a passenger in the back seat. I guess we’re going home again.”

“My girlfriend is training to be a surgeon and she came home from work with this device. With its help, she can practice the keyhole surgery technique without ever leaving home.”

“My wife is taking online classes in front of a webcam. We live in a one-room apartment, so I have to hang out in the bathroom. Have a look at my setup.”

“I have a really important presentation on Monday and a story to write. That’s why I decided to build a theatre for my kitten.”

“My wife tossed a duvet on a chair to dry and I nearly had a heart attack.”

“My friend attached balloons to his dreads and then cut them off yesterday.”

Have you ever captured a truly unique photo or story that has continued to warm your soul over the years? We suggest you arrange a home photo shoot next weekend and surprise us and the whole world with your photos!

Preview photo credit 0nly0bjective / Reddit


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AHahha that man in bathroom... poor guy! But the sound of playing videogames can be unbearable! Really! At least for me!! :p


Isn't it dangerous to move the tortoise like this? I thought they could die when they lay on their backs?


hahah ok I'm 100% getting a cardboard cutout of something in my life ???


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