17 Pics That Brought Absolute Joy to Our Day

year ago

Autumn blues are in full swing, as the need to wrap ourselves up in a warm blanket and watch sad movies is getting stronger and stronger. So, because of that, we have prepared the cutest compilation that will help break the spell of melancholy and bring a smile to your face.

1. “Had an ’adoption reveal’ photo shoot for our newly adopted teen, complete with teenage eye rolls.”

2. “My mom asked if I wanted to see her melon.”

3. “My October baby went to her first pumpkin patch today. I think she liked it.”

4. “My wife took this photo. We thought they were copying each other, but then zoomed it and saw me in a purple hoodie.”

5. “This morning I picked up my daughter and she gave me this big hug for at least 5 minutes.”

6. “My husband grew me a giant sunflower.”

7. “My son’s reaction to my longtime girlfriend and me getting married”

8. “My daughter loves having her picture taken.”

9. “A new little needle felted bat, one of my recent works”

10. “My coffee is trying to cheer me up this morning.”

11. “After playing guitar for 26 years, I get to train someone I love.”

12. “My son beat cancer and finally made it to Fenway! It was one of the best moments of my life.”

13. “I’ve never loved my physical appearance. I just wanted to feel beautiful at prom night. And I felt like a beautiful princess.”

14. The sweetest little flower

15. A man supports a cat at the vet.

16. “Single dad date to the zoo today”

17. “I painted my professor’s face on a pumpkin and gave it to him today during class”

Which picture in this compilation brought a smile to your face? How do you deal with feeling blue? Feel free to share your methods with us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Braole0123 / Reddit


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