17 Pics That Honestly Show What Life Is Like When You Get Yourself a Cat or 2

3 years ago

Let’s just think for a moment of what would happen if nature never created the cat. Nobody would distract us from work or studies, act out all of a sudden just to get our attention, or give us those looks full of judgment and contempt when we miss their feeding hour. Living like this may sound more peaceful, but it sure sounds like less fun.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected 17 cat pics that purrfectly illustrate the consequences of having cats in the house — but the truth is, this just makes us love them even more.

1. “My cat is trying to distract me from work, as usual.”

2. “Our large boy teaching our new small boy how to cat”

3. “I’m cat-sitting this guy, and I think he broke.”

4. “Peace was never an option.”

5. “How my friend’s cat asks the other cat to get off the stand”

6. “The Lord of the house is pleased that I can stay home and serve him all day.”

7. “At least one of them tried to be photogenic...”

8. “Mama was putting the puzzle pieces away. Here’s what I think of that!”

9. When your cats are plotting something and you can only guess what it is:

10. “All the normal cats out there, and I find him...”

11. “When your mom says you’re not allowed on the counter”

12. “Feeding time was an hour ago, Jessica.”

13. “Sandwich only sits with my wife, but I think I found a way to beat the system.”

14. “They heard the sound of a can opening.”

15. “I get an hour to myself a day. I just wanted to lay down and watch TV. This is my exact view.”

16. “We got a pet cam to check in every now and then. Tuned in today to see this.”

17. “My cat turned 3 and she was not impressed with the celebrations.”

Do you have pets? What are the funniest and cutest things they do? If you have pictures of those scenes, show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit houseplant76 / Reddit


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Heads up for the people still wondering what life with a cat is... chaos! These guys will throw your household upside down ?


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