17 Pics That Prove We’re Ready to Do Anything for Our Pets

11 months ago

Despite their irresistible charm and restlessness, our fur babies can sometimes become pains in our necks. However, it never takes long for us to get over their antics and embrace them as our sweet stress relievers. It’s in our nature to form unconditional love toward each other.

1. “My husband: She’s asleep! I’m fine eating dinner on the floor.”

2. “I couldn’t resist sharing a pic of both the boys settling into the cat nook I made.”

3. “I took my pet ducks to look around since they love browsing stores.”

4. “Is this a valid excuse to be late to work?”

5. “The art and the artist.”

6. “Being a keyboard is hard work.”

7. “These 8 rescued Dachshunds are ready for bed.”

8. “The entire litter came and decided I was their sleeping pile.”

9. “I’d expect this from the cat, but you?”

10. “My wife doesn’t eat her pizza crusts, but Jacob is happy to steal them the first chance he gets.”

11. “Spoon-feeding my gargoyle gecko”

12. “Do we get an award?”

13. “She shared the pie with our other fur babies.”

14. “My building has a feral cat that we all help feed. My neighbor got her a heated home.”

15. “I thought I could wash the pillowcases without any issues.”

16. “I finally found a bed Leeroy Jenkins will sleep in!”

17. “I got my cat a gravity feeder and this was what he did.”

What is the most ridiculous thing your pet has done recently? What is your love language to them?

Preview photo credit Black_Feather_Fan / Reddit


The little gecko eating it's food with its precious little tongue out is too perfect!

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