17 Priceless Hacks From Pro-Level Parents That We Want Right Now

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4 years ago

While being a parent is a difficult mission, it’s also a fascinating one. Because every day you spend with curious babies is filled with lots of discoveries for both children and adults. Parents, no matter who they are, find themselves urgently looking for answers to questions they never even knew existed. And these answers often turn out to be very inventive.

We at Bright Side absolutely love inventive solutions for ordinary problems. And this article reveals some innovative solutions for problems from experienced parents. So, any of the mothers and fathers out there that are interested in making their lives easier and shrinking their expenses absolutely have to read these hacks.

17. Babies are always in danger of falling and hitting their heads on something. In order to prevent these injuries, you can make a simple backpack for them, like the one in the picture.

16. If you have a kid with a walker, use pool noodles as bumpers to save your walls and ankles.

15. And this is an innovation by a creative dad: how to feed 2 babies at the same time and not be tied to them

14. Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place it over the outlets to keep your children safe.

13. You can keep your children busy on a plane with window stickers.

12. This is the best theft protection device ever. You can play with your children without having to watch over your stuff if you hide it inside of a diaper. Few people will try to steal a full diaper.

11. Use a cheap shower curtain to make a little pool for the kids at the beach.

10. If you have unwanted smells in your vehicle, use wax warmers in a plastic cup and let the heat from the sun warm up the wax (this is only good for the summertime).

9. “My dad put an example of each Band-aid on the outside of the Ziploc baggies that hold them. So, it’s easy to find the right one exactly when you need it.”

8. “Cut watermelon the long way, then into little squares so you come out with little sticks like this that make it so easy to eat, especially for little kids.”

7. This is a crazy good microwave life hack for multiple plates! Heats up evenly! So, if you have 2 children, this is for you!

6. Cut foam pool noodles and use as door bumpers to prevent little fingers from getting caught in doors.

5. When making ice cream cones for the kids (or yourself) put a marshmallow at the bottom before adding ice cream. It stops any drips that may leak out from the bottom of the cone... And you have an extra treat at the end.

4. In order to make a baby sleep calmly, one inventive mother recommends making a pillow using a flannel blanket, putting rice inside, and heating it in the microwave. Then put it next to the baby while they’re sleeping.

3. A different option which is more simple and doesn’t require any sewing is to use a clean rubber glove.

2. It is extremely important to reward your children for successes. This is a great way to do it because you also never know exactly what you’re going to win, which makes it even more interesting.

1. Don’t spend a fortune on a portable bed, sew 4 pillow-cases together, insert the pillows and you have a bed for all purposes. It’s also easy to keep clean since the pillows just slip out and the covers can go in the wash!

Do you have your own parenting tricks? Share them in the comment section to help simplify other parents’ lives!

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Id like to have seen this when I was expecting 3years ago.


such a simple and useful advice, will be really nice for the future :)


Haven't seen anything cuter than this bee backpack! Not only useful but also adorable on a baby


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