17 Times Nature Found a Way to Be Special and Stun You

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Nature can decorate anything, and it always finds a way to surprise us. Even a simple egg can have a shape that you’ve never seen before. And believe it or not, a wild beehive can swallow a streetlight. Just be more attentive, and you’ll start to see these little wonders everywhere.

We at Bright Side cherish each little miracle or surprise nature gives us and are sharing 17 of them to make your day better.

1. “I found a beehive growing in a streetlight.”

2. “10 years of waiting, and the UCSC giant corpse flower bloomed today.”

3. “A spider’s web”

4. “One of my mother’s chickens laid an egg and tied it with a bow.”

5. “This duck likes to sit on his behind.”

6. “A giant cone I found today”

7. “This mushroom growing out of a bag of mulch at our local hardware store”

8. “The rain melted this sucker and left the wrapper almost perfect.”

9. “A mushroom growing on the end of a log”

10. “The way the leaves grow on this tree makes it look blurry.”

11. “This cactus growing another cactus”

12. “This peeled raw egg”

13. “A little bit of honey in your water”

14. “The shape of this cucumber in my garden”

15. “Bugs started eating my book and left me a message, ’sorry.’”

16. “This tree fell over and grew 4 more trees out of itself.”

17. “This pigeon has an extra pair of wings on its feet.”

How is your day going? How often do you notice nature creating wonderful things?


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