17 Times People’s Cooking Efforts Created Unforgettable Results

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In a small survey of 2,000 people, it was found that over 64% of the participants have had at least one major fail in the kitchen. Some of the most common mishaps are burning food, burning a pot or a pan, and over boiling the water inside a pot. Also, many people admitted to using too much salt in their food and setting off the smoke alarm. But sometimes, it’s not just about making a mistake, but also about intentionally creating a questionable dish.

1. “Date said her favorite food was blue cheese pizza. I guess I misunderstood where the emphasis was supposed to be.”

2. “The brioche looked so great right until I cut it.”

3. “I’m also turning myself in. Totino’s birthday pizza cake (8 layers).”

4. “The first thing I ever baked. They were cute, but I majorly messed up the bread itself. Ended up being more like a cookie than bread.”

5. “I’m supposed to bring a snack to share at a work meeting, I’m thinking the beef broth gelatin with hot dogs and eggs should do it.”

6. “Spaghetti IN meatballs.”

7. “It’s been a terrible day at work, shaping up to be a worse week, so I made an olive hoagie for lunch. It didn’t help.”

8. “My dough turned into a monster.”

9. “I made a loaf of bread using Mountain Dew Baja Blast instead of water.”

10. “Every single time my family invites me to a cookout.”

11. “Tomato and cheese sandwich on the airplane”

12. “Accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour in banana bread.”

13. “My first time baking bread... forgot the yeast.”

14. “I present to you my ’I’m too lazy’ mozzarella sticks.”

15. “My aunt’s specialty: chicken liver pâté and boiled eggs”

16. “Was told to swing by a roadside dive off the highway to try a ’hidden treasure.’”

17. “Suffered from an eating disorder last year and my sick brain loved pickle PB&Js.”

Have you ever had a massive fail in the kitchen? Did it happen by accident, or were you experimenting with something new?


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