17 Unusual Pets Who’ve Found a Way to Our Hearts, and They May Even Be Cuter Than Cats

3 years ago

When it comes to pets, we usually imagine a cat or a dog right away. But there are other animals who can become a beloved member of the family and a devoted friend, even if they’re not all that familiar. In fact, it’s worth noting that a parrot and a rat are far from the most extraordinary animals we’re referring to here.

We at Bright Side have sincerely fallen in love with every fluffy and feathery baby from this compilation, and we’re sure that many of them will win your heart over too.

Meet Sebastian!

What do you think about this tiny lady?

Baby Ramses is going home.

“Is this red thing supposed to be food?”

“It’s probably not the cutest thing, but it’s my beardie taking a bath.”

“Meet Annie. She’s an Umbrella Cockatoo and my best friend.”

“I know a lot of people don’t like rats. But many seem willing to say hello to my girl, Toffee when we go out for a walk!”

Who said it’s difficult to be a donkey?

“She loves chilling on me when I watch TV.”

When you’re a skater deep down in your soul...

Waiting for belly rubs

“I’ve finally managed to take a cute picture with my favorite pet. Meet Chip!”

This adorable rat gets a kiss from their human for taking its medicine.

“You have to use one roll of toilet paper every couple of days to clean up owl poop. But if you leave a pensive owl alone with it, you’ll run out of paper in a couple of minutes.”

“Not everyone will agree but I think he’s stunning.”

There’s nothing better than sleeping in your master’s bed.

— “I love you, my bird!”


— “I love you back, my human.”

Do you have an unusual but very loved pet in your house? Share their photo with us.

Preview photo credit unnaturalorder / Reddit


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These are so sweet! The little chicken rocks is rocking that skate LOL


The parrot and the man reminded me of my grandma! She used to have so many birds are her home


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