18 Animals That Experienced a Little Drama

2 years ago

Animals that live with their owners for a long time start forming their own habits and expectations concerning the world around them. And when something unplanned happens, we just have to take pictures of our 4-legged friends because, most of the time, their expressions are incredible.

Bright Side feels sorry for each of these animals. But it can’t stop us from enjoying their sincere emotions.

18. “I managed to snap a picture of a bird milliseconds from hitting my side mirror.”

17. “We brought home a puppy and someone isn’t amused.”

16. The face of real betrayal

15. When you’re excited to travel but they said no:

14. At the vet’s office:

13. When you’re sure they don’t give you enough food:

12. “Nimbus met our dog for the first time.”

11. “I ordered a lion costume for my dog from eBay. Well... it’s not what I expected.”

10. Went for a walk in the forest...

9. “Somehow all of the neighborhood cats managed to get into our trampoline... We set them free.”

8. “My parents’ new pupper misjudged his jump.”

7. “This is Duffy. If you look closely, you can see exactly where the mud attacked him. Fortunately for the mud, there were no witnesses.”

6. “My cat just had his first birthday party! He hated it.”

5. “It’s extremely hot. Here’s our princess sitting in a huge container with water.”

4. Someone doesn’t like to take baths.

3. True pain can’t be faked.

2. “I had just finished saying, ’I can’t believe she never falls in!’”

1. “Sherlock isn’t allowed to eat sweets, so when I have tea, I put him on the balcony. Here’s what I usually see...”

Do you have pictures of your pets that didn’t expect the circumstances they found themselves in? We’d love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Free_Prison_Mike / Reddit


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really first one melt my heart. if it is not staged then please don't do with this any animal.


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