18 Bright Side Readers Showed Us Their Mothers, and We’re Left Wondering How to Look Half as Cool

3 years ago

Recently, we wrote a post about mothers who looked stunning and asked you, our readers, to share your photos too. Of course, we were already aware of the many cool subscribers we had out there, but we were truly astonished when we saw what you sent to us. We weren’t even able to tell the difference between the mothers and daughters in some photos. That’s when we decided that we needed to create another article to show off this precious material.

Bright Side editorial has been looking through the many photos we received and can’t help but feel sorry that we can’t publish each of them because they all deserve to be admired.

“My son, my daughter, and me — I’m 58 years old, no Photoshop, no filters.”

“My son and me — he’s 41, I’m 64.”

“I am 46 years old and my long-awaited son is 10.”

“My girl and me (on the right) — I’m 51 years old.”

“I’m 44 years old and the mother of a 23-year-old son.”

“My son and I. He’s 29 and I’m 49.”

“I’m 40 years old in this photo, my son is 21.”

“My daughter and me at a Scorpions concert. I’m 52, she’s 24.”

“I’ll be 43 in a month. Everything is great!”

“Me (on the left) with my daughter — I’m 48.”

“I’m 46, my daughter is 24, and my son is 4.”

“My mom is 55 in this photo and my brother is 28.”

“I’m 31 and my mom is 20 years older than me. I’m on the left in this photo.”

“I’m 50, my son is 17.”

“My daughter is 26, I’m 45.”

“My daughter and me — she’s 28. I have never been to a cosmetologist and have never gotten a beauty injection. Only sports, a healthy diet, and sleep!”

“I’m 47, my daughter is 25. I’m on the right if you’re wondering.”

“I’m 37, my daughter is 13.”

We’re always happy when you send your photos to us. If you haven’t shown us how young and gorgeous you look yet, it’s high time you did!

Preview photo credit Gulnara Yuldasheva / Facebook


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do these moms drink from fountain if youth? What's their secret to look that stunning? ?


in the second photo.. sorry to say that, but her son looks like he is older than her ?


The women with pink and blue scarves tho. They surprise me the most.


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