18 Dogs Whose Owners Couldn’t Recognize Them After Picking Them Up From the Groomer

2 years ago

Doggies tend to look adorable on almost any occasion, but if there’s a moment in which they manage to take levels of cuteness to the maximum, it’s when you pick them up from the groomer. And that’s because, in addition to cutting their hair and leaving them clean and neat, groomers often add little details that make them look truly fantastic, like putting on a bow or a crown that can easily make us fall in love with them forever.

Bright Side had a great time compiling these before-and-after pictures of canine friends after their time at the groomer. And if you happen to be a kitty lover, we recommend you take a peek at the bonus at the end of the article.

1. “Yeah, I don’t think he likes the haircut.”

2. “Our dog’s groomers have been closed for months in the UK. Guess what opened today?! He’s so happy. Running around like a puppy again despite being 12!”

3. “This one was fun! 😍”

4. “Sometimes you have to start over!”

5. “This little guy just stole my heart. 😇”

6. “Schnauzer puppy’s first groom 💖”

7. “’My husband tried to give her a trim because she had knots, can you fix it?’”

8. “My handsome boy, Kevin, freshly groomed for spring. He came home from the groomer’s looking about 20 lb lighter.”

9. “Left him with my aunt while I went on a trip to a house that we got on Airbnb that didn’t allow pets. My aunt gave him a haircut. Thoughts?”

10. “First haircut”

11. “Perfect eyeliner on this good boy”

12. “Prom queen👑!”

13. “I think the groomer gave me someone else’s dog.”

14. “My girlfriend is a pet groomer and sends pictures like this to me all the time.”

15. “Finally made it to the groomer when she started walking into things.”

16. “Sweet girl got her first groom.”

17. “Leo got groomed yesterday! Here’s the before and after, taken the same day.”

18. “Pretty proud of the groom I did on this handsome boy today!”

Bonus: Kittens go to the hairdresser too!

1. “Catzilla”

2. “Took my cat to the groomer...”

3. “His groomer told me to come get him because she was done trying.”

4. “I got my girl groomed. This is not what I was expecting. I can’t stop laughing.”

Do your pets have long hair? Do you usually cut their hair yourself or do you prefer to take them to the groomer? Why?

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Preview photo credit SavannahGrooms / Reddit


If it’s for summer, I’m sure the puppers are happy. Unsure if cats feel the same way haha

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