18 Families Who Don’t Know What Boredom Is

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3 years ago

family is considered to be something calm and reliable. But sometimes, we can’t believe the things that happen in our families, like someone who knits sweaters for a snake or someone who takes too much care of their child. It’s important that at moments like these, someone near you has a camera to capture the entire moment.

At Bright Side, we’re sure that family life is not only about love and warmth but also about taking a whole bunch of photos you can’t keep a straight face while looking at. We tried and failed.

1. “My husband and in-laws wanted a family photo while I was in labor and having contractions.”

2. “My sister-in-law and her sisters this Halloween”

3. “My son-in-law is a tattoo artist. He decided to have my grandson wake up to a little surprise.”

4. “My grandparents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. There was a man in a cowboy hat and nobody remembers who it was.”

5. “My mother-in-law knitted my wife’s snake a Christmas sweater.”

6. “My dad just realized something.”

7. “Every year my family does a fun Splash Mountain photo.”

8. “Asked my kid before I went to bed to draw me a nice family photo and I woke up to this hanging on my mirror.”

9. “Just trying to take a nice family photo at dinner”

10. “My mother-in-law just hit level 30 on Pokémon Go. This is the table we saw when we arrived for dinner today.”

11. Family photo

12. “My awkward family photo recreation”

13. “Not sure if it belongs here, but here is my mother as a clown at a bar in NY in the 1980s.”

14. “My sister’s April Fools prank on her husband”

15. “The school said each kid had to bring a printed photo of the family preparing the recipe of the requested item. Our kid got Coke and my husband delivered.”

16. “No this isn’t for a party — this is the family’s dinner tonight.”

17. “The area over the toilet in my mother-in-law’s bathroom always makes me a little uncomfortable.”

18. This father recreates his daughter’s selfies.

Do you have funny family photos? Can you share them with us?

Preview photo credit Burr Martin / instagram


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