18 Famous Men Who Went From Foals to Stallions

2 years ago

Just a couple of years can really make a difference, turning a cute kid into a seriously attractive man. Guys like Matt Bomer, Mario Casas, and Nick Jonas are all associated with the adjective, “handsome.” And their looks cause many people to forget that they were once scrappy teenagers.

We at Bright Side kept searching for past and present pics and found some old photos that show our favorite hot celebrities from a different perspective.

1. Timothée Chalamet

2. Daryl Sabara

3. Jerry O’Connell

4. Bruno Mars

5. Chris Evans

6. Adam Levine

7. Nick Jonas

8. Cole Sprouse

9. Ezra Miller

10. Jared Leto

11. Armie Hammer

12. Matt Bomer

13. Josh Peck

14. Colin Hanks

15. Mario Casas

16. Nicholas Hoult

17. Jonathan Lipnicki

18. Bug Hall

Who’s your favorite hot celebrity? Do you have your own pics that show how much you’ve changed since your teenage years? Please share them with us!


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It's funny how when men change their look for the better they (most of the time) get a new haircut or grow a beard.. no plastic surgery like most of the women do


Nick Jonas looks so good, he should have went for that haircut sooner


This is giving me some new haircut ideas, with the whole lockdown they grew a lot!


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