18 fantastic inventions to make parents’ lives much more comfortable

Designers are a creative bunch of people. They’re constantly coming up with more and more ingenious ideas to help parents make bringing up their children a lot easier and fun.

Here are 18 recent fantastic inventions that were designed specifically to overcome certain problems perennially faced by moms and dads. We want them all, right now!

The pacifier with a thermometer for measuring your child's temperature.

A spoon with a special food container.

A special flower-shaped baby bath.

A detachable child's cot.

A personal ultrasound scanner which connects to a smart phone.

The self-closing pacifier: It automatically closes when dropped.

A baby carrier which keeps both parent and baby warm.

The sippy cup which lets you conceal medicine.

A child's shower head.

Portable urinals.

The bike-stroller.

A special carpet you can use when giving your child a bath.

A velcro bottle holder which attaches to a car seat.

A heat-deflecting cover for a child's car seat.

A diaper holder that you can hang on your child's cot.

A child-sized tent for outdoors.

A baby monitor connected to your smart phone.

A portable crib for use on airplanes.


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