18 Fathers Who Adore Their Kids So Much, They Can’t Hide It Anymore

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4 years ago

The role of fathers in raising kids has changed significantly over the last several decades. In the past, a father was perceived as a brutal head of the family who was supposed to keep a distance from his offspring. But today, fathers don’t feel shy about getting close to their children and perform functions that traditionally used to be considered “motherly.” Scientists have proven that not only does it have a positive effect on kids, but it impacts fathers as well.

We at Bright Side sincerely admire men who don’t hide their feelings about their kids. 18 photos from our compilation have proven to us, once again, how touching the moments between fathers and their children can be. And the bonus at the end reminds us that it’s dads who are the best at telling jokes.

No matter how old you are, you remain an eternal kid in your dad’s eyes.

The father of the year: He wanted to make his daughter’s graduation day special and built a stage in his driveway!

Moments of anticipation and true happiness for a father and daughter

“I was making a fire in the pit when I heard: ’DADA! I GOT ONE!’ I then turned to see my little man valiantly fighting with his first catch. The joy in his face keeps me going.”

“Guess I’m stuck here forever...again.”

Do all fathers have such outstanding reactions?

“Asked my dad for a blank CD and he said, ’I’ve got a clear one,’ and brought me this.”

“I knew my big nose would come in handy one day.”

“This is the cake my dad made me for my birthday.”

This proud dad’s reaction to his son’s first-ever home run is pure joy.

“My son was sooooo happy when we finally let him hold the controller.”

“I dressed like my daughter today.”

“Here we are, sharing a burrito on the bed of the pickup truck waiting for Mom...”

“Roughly, a 20-lb weight change in both my son and me”

Dad: I don’t want a dog, don’t expect me to take care of it.

Also Dad:

“I was standing in the kitchen chatting with my wife and in walks our little girl. She looks at me and thinks it’s a good idea to stand there exactly like her dad. My heart was melting.”

Passing down the baby express to my own son!

“Got to take my son flying for the first time! When he wasn’t sleeping, he was on my lap watching me fly.”

Bonus: Sometimes dads get tired of communicating with people.

Which moment spent with your dad was the most touching? Please show us a couple of photos in the comments — we’d love to see them!

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