18 Hysterical Sights People Woke Up to Thanks to Their Quirky Pets

4 years ago

If you have a pet, this has probably happened to you: you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see when you open your eyes is the face of your dog who’s lying by your side, right where your spouse is meant to be... Or, you see your cat looking down on you with a face that makes you feel like you’re not supposed to be in bed any longer, and like it’s not your house anymore. Things like this happen to every pet owner, and the most important thing you can do in this awkward situation is to not miss your chance to take a hilarious photo.

Here at Bright Side we’ve put together these photos of pets that people saw first thing in the morning, and we encourage you to share your own funny shots of your fluffy friends!

1. “What I see when I wake up, and his face when he realizes I’m awake.”

2. “He isn’t allowed on the bed so he kept his hind legs on the floor.”

3. “Woke up this morning to this and I have to say, my wife looks a lot different without make up.”

4. “Apparently, my cat wanted to feed all her toy mice last night.”

5. “The view I see every morning now that the girlfriend’s cat has moved in...”

6. “Woke up the other night after leaving my window open for fresh air. Didn’t expect this home invader!”

7. The pillow exploded while you were asleep, I swear!

8. “These 3 jerks woke me up early for no reason but to do this.”

9. “My neighbor’s cats stole a toy from our cat, and today we woke up to this in the mail.”

10. “How my neighbor’s dog woke me up from a nap in the sun”

11. “My dog takes my girlfriend’s spot when she leaves for work. This is what I saw this morning.”

12. Hey hooman! Good morning!

13. “Bought a cat bed the other day. Woke up to this.”

14. Definitely not the first thing you want to see when you open your eyes...

15. “Woke up to my lizard looking at me like this...”

16. This is what happens when you leave your suit on the floor overnight...

17. “Just opened my eyes. I think they want their X-mas presents now...”

18. “Fell asleep on my sister’s couch, woke up to this.”

Has your pet ever woken you up in a way that’s just as hysterical? Can you share that funny picture in the comments?

Preview photo credit AndThatsAllSheWrote / Reddit


My dog is allowed on the bed and on the sofa. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning I get a kiss on the nose and we cuddle. She is an Aussie and looks exactly like #17. ... And yes, I spoil her rotten, but she deserves it.

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