20 Photos That Make Us Believe Love at First Sight Is Real

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Love at first sight can be described in different ways. Some therapists describe it as an electric-type of feeling, while for others, it is a moment of connection where nothing else matters around you. And the reason for those warm feelings is that your brain is creating dopamine and serotonin. This is why you experience an instant attachment to someone the moment your eyes meet.

We at Bright Side made a compilation of special moments that will make you feel that “love at first sight” sensation. Each of these images seeks to transport you back to that moment when a look spoke more than a thousand words. Get ready to have your heart melted, once again, with us.

1. It was love at first sight.

2. “My son, smiling at his mom for the first time”

3. “Just met this baby girl today!”

4. “The day my parents first met each other”

5. “My dad loving the sight of his son being a dad”

6. “My boyfriend has never had a pet.”

7. “My friend’s new puppies fell in love the very first moment they met.”

8. “We couldn’t stop staring at each other.”

9. “This moment that my mom captured”

10. “The first time my partner ever held a baby raccoon”

11. “Took a pic of my husband falling in love with our daughter.”

12. “Just met this turkey, and he instantly fell in love with me!”

13. “First time meeting my smiley nephew”

14. “Lottie and my dad sharing a special moment”

15. “Had to capture this. I call it ’Love at first sight.’”

16. “I was not only captivated by the landscape, but by this little squirrel friend as well.”

17. “My 93-year-old grandma meeting her 5-month-old great-grandson”

18. “That look when I played him a song”

19. “My son recently fell in love with Frozen!”

20. “My 10-month-old son found love at the splash pad today”

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Share your special story with us!

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The puppy one is so 😍🥰😍 I hope they have a happy family now :)


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