18 Old-Timey Inventions That Might Leave You Scratching Your Head

5 years ago

Ever since humankind appeared on our planet, people have been trying to improve their lives by constantly inventing something new. Some of those inventions have become a part of our daily lives, while others have remained forgotten and lost in the past.

We at Bright Side collected for you some of the weirdest inventions of the past that are too wacky to be forgotten.

1. These large eyes were used in classes to visually show students the muscle actions of human eyes.

2. This is the first free flight of the Hiller Flying Platform. It was first flown in public in 1955.

3. A robot trainer for mastering one’s golf skills (1925)

4. Water bicycle (1923)

5. An air-powered skull-massaging helmet

6. An electrical-wheel called Dynasphere being tested by its inventor

7. Firefighting suits designed for rescuing airmen trapped in burning planes (1940)

8. A shaving apparatus used for trimming another man’s beard with the help of mechanical hands (1959)

9. Professor Popjie’s invention, a device with mechanical hands, which contained human bones and was electronically controlled remotely. He called it Radiana and in this picture, it is shaving a man with the help of an ordinary razor.

10. Street sweeping machine (1956)

11. This black and white camouflage was made to conceal soldiers while they were climbing trees during World War I.

12. Mind-machine used for measuring brain activity

13. A shockproof perming machine that works with the help of electricity

14. Hair dryer (1937)

15. Mind-reading machine

16. Goodyear illuminated tires not only looked fancy, but also helped women adjust their stockings.

17. Home tanning lamp with eye-protecting glasses (1920)

18. A device for mouth X-raying (1920)

Which of these inventions would be useful today? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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