18 People Shared Emotional Personal Stories With Completely Unexpected Endings

2 years ago

Most of us have probably had at least one of those special moments in our lives that have rendered us speechless and overwhelmed with emotion. Whether it was with our kids, parents, or loved ones, those memories tend to stay with us the longest.

We at Bright Side found stories from people on the net that made our hearts melt and we want you to feel as warm as we did while reading them.

  • When I was little (around 4) I would walk up to my grandma and say, “granny can we go to the fairy’s” then she would take me to a really cool place in her garden (she had made the roof out of vines) then she placed a napkin and told me to go inside and come back in a couple of hours, when I did, there would be something baked on the napkin. 22 years later, I still think about it. © iminyourhouse*** / Reddit
  • So, one of my best friends has been talking about creating a YouTube channel for the past few months and today he actually did it. I knew we weren’t expecting to get any views and I felt bad, so I made a bunch of alt accounts and began watching his single video on 5 different devices simultaneously. I singlehandedly got him to 100 views, and he has been telling me about how excited he is. I don’t have the heart to tell him the truth. © Taytay_smitty / Reddit
  • Shout-out to the lady who came up to me at the military base in Coronado. Thank you for asking me if I was okay and if I wanted to talk about my problems. I was having a really hard time and didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, I had recently lost my grandmother and it really affected me mentally. Also, condolences to you and your family since you also recently lost a loved one. I am very thankful and hoped we could have a longer chat. If you ever see this just know that you made a very big impact on a person’s life, you made me feel heard. © Lasagnyah04 / Reddit
  • So something just happened that made my day, I was just getting off the bus and since the rain wasn’t too bad I just stood in the rain by the traffic light. Then, suddenly, I realized the rain had stopped hitting me and I looked up and realized an old man was holding an umbrella over my head and he covered me from the rain until I crossed the road, I felt so touched. © IcyNinja32 / Reddit
  • At bedtime, I asked my 5-year-old what her favorite present was and she thought for a while then said, “Spending the day with you mummy” and my heart melted but then she said, “Haha not really it was the Lego cupcake set” and went back to reading her Peppa pig book. © MumInBits / Twitter
  • My daughter was dressed as Princess Belle. We were waiting around for Santa to be ready to visit. Kiddo was twirling around in her dress, and a lady walking by stopped exaggeratedly, gasps, and asks my kiddo, “Belle?! Is that you?!?” My kiddo answers, “No, I’m just dressed as Belle,” with a huge grin on her face. Just warmed my heart so much and made my daughter’s night so much brighter. © calidream3669 / Reddit
  • The other day I was waiting in line at the store with 3 items... the sweetest little girl about 5 asked if I wanted to go ahead of her mom because she didn’t want my ice cream to melt. Something did melt and it was not my ice cream. I get to take that with me forever. Precious moment. © philly2memphis / Twitter
  • When I fostered my rat Jasper, I’d always open the curtains for him before I went anywhere so he’d at least get some light. Now that I’ve given him away, I’ve hung one of his old toys on a hook and still open the curtains. Coincidentally, the sun shines close by/on his toy. Makes me feel like he knew this place was home. © Seevela / Reddit
  • Okay, so when I was 6 or something me and my dad were going to a Superman movie and I wanted to wear my Superman cape, but I was too embarrassed to, so my dad bought a cape and wore it to the film with me. We came across a group of teens (I didn’t notice) and my dad was ready for them to make fun of us but instead they said, “Best dad ever.” And he really is! © im-a-f***ing-d*** / Reddit
  • I have an aunt who was a divorcee and only had one child. When her daughter went to college in another city, my parents let me sleep over from time to time, so my aunt won’t get lonely. I was a kid back then.
    I thought I was just a replacement, but I didn’t really think much of it. 10+ years later and several miles away, my aunt still calls to ask how I am, ask if I’ve eaten, remind me to take my vitamins, etc. She called me today and it just hits me that I wasn’t just a replacement to her. I was a part of her life. I was part of what made her whole. © trouver-le-bonheur / Reddit
  • So, this happened a year ago, around the month of August. I’d just left my college and was on my way to the railway station. I came up to the roadside, crossed half the road, and was standing on that part of the road divider meant for people to stop. The signal wasn’t red for the vehicles to stop, yet I was about the cross the road because the road was almost empty.
    But I dropped the idea of crossing the road, just like that, because I saw a cute old lady coming from behind and waiting for the signal to turn red for her to cross the road. She saw me and shared a smile with me. The signal turned red, vehicles stopped, and the lady, she just held my hand all of a sudden. Her hands were soft and full of wrinkles.
    I don’t know why but at that moment I almost felt like crying. But I smiled at her, and we crossed the road together, taking baby steps. After crossing, she held my hand with both hands, caressed it, gave me the brightest smile ever, and left. © d*** / Reddit

Have you experienced something similar to these stories? Share your heart-melting moments in the comments.

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