15 Moments When Animals Surprised Us With Their Remarkable Acts

6 months ago

What if you looked out of the window and saw an elk in your yard, jumping on your trampoline? Unexpected, right? This is how other Internet users felt when they accidentally came across animals doing extraordinary things.

“An opossum observing at my wife’s lab, Australia”

A Norwegian elk having fun

“The day I opened my bedroom window and almost died of cardiac arrest”

“Hello, neighbor! How are you?”

“I was with a mom and her baby, having a rest in the tent when we got a visitor.”

“A scorpion I just happened to find in my bra before putting it on”

“What a pleasant and polite bag!”

  • I saw this guy a few years ago on the subway with the same bag and the same doggo. I am glad they are still doing the same thing. © LucLegend2 / Reddit

“This snake visiting my parents’ house”

“This pigeon found the bird food aisle and is waiting to be helped.”

“A barred owl that visited our back deck one morning”

“Hey, you guys indoors...you okay?”

“My parents had a visitor in one of their chimneys this morning.”

“I was feeling observed while making coffee. I don’t have a cat.”

“My friend took a picture with his girlfriend”

  • At least the cat understands that you should look at the camera and not at the screen. unknown / Reddit

“The time my dog found the camera at daycare.”

Animals have got to be some of the coolest beings around. They’re always up for a good time and can turn even the dullest day into a laugh-fest. And let’s not forget about how they steal our hearts with their adorable antics. It’s no wonder we can’t resist taking a million pictures of them, especially when caught with their silly shenanigans.

Preview photo credit ffrkingcrazy / Reddit


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