20 Times Animals Were Caught at Just the Right Moment

2 years ago

Animals are unpredictable and kind. A bird can land on your car keys by trying to make friends, or a frog may like to buddy up with a butterfly — and there are even more wonderful things that can surprise us and make the world a warmer place.

We at Bright Side are grateful for every happy second that animals share with us, and we found 20 pics of these sweet and funny moments.

1. “Wild! It was stuck in my veranda and I was trying to guide it out.”

2. “The sweetest little fox sleeping on a tree stump”

3. A story of friendship

4. “I finally caught the purrrpetrator who’s been stealing my hair ties.”

5. “Restricted areas don’t apply to these.”

6. “That sad moment when all you wanted was another bite”

7. “I walked by at just the right moment.”

8. “Rainbow-eared cat”

9. Welcome to this world!

10. “My squirrel-obsessed dog never even noticed.”

11. “A gecko licks the evaporated water from the side of a bottle.”

12. “My parents met a friendly stingray on vacation.”

13. The dog is covered with a plate of sunshine.

14. “My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought was possible.”

15. “Great timing”

16. “Look at this cute little tongue.”

17. “I found a dwarf hamster hiding under a leaf.”

18. “My friend photobombing a penguin couple.”

19. “That’s probably the biggest ’mlem’ I’ve ever seen.”

20. This guy sure knows how to take a photo!

What’s the funniest thing that your pet likes to do? Do you have pics of it? Please share it with us!

Preview photo credit ImGoingBackToBed/imgur


it's always so cute to see how those city happy tortoises get born :3
These pictures are Fantastic! As Lifelong Animal Lover l just Don't understand people who just Don't get it! l Swear, The More l See of Humans The More l Prefer The Company Of Animals!

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