18 People Who Know How to Solve Problems in a Fun Way

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Issues that we face every day can sometimes feel like a living hell. However, the way we handle these problems is the key to being able to enjoy the day. The solutions may be as simple as duct tape or clothespins, which can give us a good laugh when we see them. And today, we want to present you with some people who know fun ways to solve their problems.

1. What a unique way to fix the fence!

2. “My nephew was about an inch too short for the best rides at Disneyland.”

3. “The old roommate punched a hole in the door. The new roommate fixed it.”

4. “My dad’s invention — his goat kept getting his horns stuck in the fence.”

5. “How to indicate gender-neutral restrooms”

6. “Tried to solve the snow clumping problem with leggings.”

7. “Grandpa fixed the broken arm on my daughter’s mermaid doll.”

8. This is...something else.

9. “How this broken headlight was ’fixed’ with a flashlight”

10. This way, clothespins have become multifunctional.

11. “I just like being a part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

12. She was told that her parents couldn’t afford a computer when she asked. This is what she came up with.

13. When you don’t have the right utensils but you’re hungry:

14. Can’t find the volume knob? No problem!

15. “Modern problems require modern solutions,” they say.

16. “My wife wanted to leave because of the flies.”

17. Airplane before takeoff

18. “The dishwasher door won’t seal fully.”

Out of these solutions, which one do you think is the smartest? What solutions do you apply in your everyday life? Tell us more in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Insomniarch / Reddit


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