15 Pics That Prove Kids Bring Chaos to Anything

Kids can be a pain and cause a huge mess sometimes, but that’s what makes them, well, kids. They like to experiment with things, such as putting hairdryers in the sink or even washing Dad’s laptop in the shower. But research shows that messy children make better learners, and toddlers actually learn words for non-solid foods better when getting messy in a highchair. So it may be best to embrace your kids’ messes, at least while they’re still toddlers.

1. “Silence is golden — unless you have a toddler. Then it is suspicious.”

2. “The 4-year-old got to choose his own dinner. It smells EXACTLY how you think it does.”

3. “The card my 7-year -old son gave me today that I will cherish forever”

4. “My 6-year-old made this stick person and I die every time I look at it.”

5. “My 1-year-old sister ate my jury duty card.”

6. “Wanted to play with Mom’s makeup.”

7. “I came out of the school building and saw this.”

8. “Mom! I made scrambled eggs!”

9. “Flying a drone inside the house”

10. “How my 4-year-old ate her pizza for lunch today”

11. “My friend’s 5-year-old drew a picture of me in the Christmas card they gave us. I think he nailed it.”

12. “So I caught my son making ’potions.’”

13. “My daughter was being too quiet so I went to check on her.”

14. “My brother — I don’t even know how he got here.”

15. “My niece just got upgraded from a crib to a single bed.”

Preview photo credit bbean_16 / Reddit


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