18 People Whose Job Might Be Harder Than Yours, and Now You’ll See Why

5 years ago

Not many people can brag that they love their job and go to the office with pleasure. In most cases, everyday work consists of some funny moments and routine tasks. Today, we’d like to focus on those who take on their jobs head-on and never seem to get bored at work.

Bright Side wants you to take a break from what you’re doing and have a look at some hilarious things some people face at work.

When your work literally makes you fly:

Starting the day with a riddle

When you have to interview a volleyball player:

Do you still want to complain about your boring office work?

Photographer Barbara Jensen Vorster dropped her camera. Fortunately, she had another one to take this picture.

“I had to blast an asphalt tank a while ago. I was wearing bright yellow rain gear.”

Traffic jams in the air

“Working from home sounded really nice at first.”

Not his best day...

When you don’t want anyone to use your belongings:

Be careful if you want to work outside.

“My work replaced the lamps with ones that are slightly green and now the staff corridor looks like the Alien movie.”

It’s really difficult to hide anything when cameras are everywhere.

“Dropped a few pallets with milk but took a great selfie.”

“This is Derek. He’s the night manager at the doggy daycare and he wants some treats.”

This guy won’t tell his family about his work.

When you return back from vacation:

Norwegian air ambulance pilots know that it’s not so easy to park.

Bonus: Those who never have problems at work

Have you ever been puzzled at work? Share your stories with us!

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