18 People Who’ve Mastered the Art of Living an Anti-Boring Life

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When we embrace life with open arms and refuse to settle for a mundane existence, even the smallest things can invite excitement. We can approach each day with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm, just like these people do. They’ve mastered the art of living life to the fullest and shared something that has made their day a little less stale.

1. “My buddy jokingly decided to get a henna tattoo of a mustache while at the beach.”

“The foreign worker didn’t understand what he was saying, so she asked him to write down what he wanted.”

2. “First bubble bath in nearly 35 years — did I do something wrong?”

3. “Need an honest opinion on a rough draft of a portrait I made. This is my first drawing doing a portrait of my nephew.”

4. “Okay, who did this and who is Karl?”

5. “My boyfriend said he needed a watch, so I sent this to him as a gift.”

6. “I went to Taco Bell, and I own a label maker.”

7. “Saw this in the middle of the night after taking a picture. I now believe I’m being followed by plastic skeletons...”

8. “Saw this good boi at Costco today.”

9. “Saw this crack at Home Depot and couldn’t resist a superhero stance.”

10. “Even Predator has a morning commute...”

11. “Fire walking, parent edition”

12. “There are 2 types of people...”

13. “We call it risky Jenga”

14. “This car covered in nickels”

15. “When your husband finds your hairbrush...”

16. “That one time we met Jason Momoa and my husband came up with this great idea. 2 years later and I haven’t washed my hair!”

17. “Found this dog abandoned off the side of the road. He won’t leave my chickens alone.”

18. “I don’t need sunscreen, I’ll just wear a hat.”

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I'm shocked that the coyote got into the guy's car much less being calm and looking around. No wonder the "doggy" won't leave his chickens alone, he's lucky that it's not chewing on him too 😉


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