18 Pet Pics That Can Deliver the Joy Boost We All Need Right Now

3 years ago

No matter how gloomy and cold it gets outside, the house of a person who has a pet is always filled with love and laughter. Whether it’s the way your dog protects your baby or the way your old pooch finally befriends your new kitty, these precious moments make life happier and remind us of the things that are truly important.

We adore pets here at Bright Side and enjoy looking at heartwarming pet pics whenever we can. Here are 18 photos of cats and dogs that made our day, and we hope they make yours too.

1. “Baxter the dog getting used to his little bro, Linus”

2. “My old lab finally accepted the new puppy...”

3. “My 5-day-old son made a new friend today.”

4. “Snuggles when she hears literally any noise”

5. “We adopted Bowie last week. Can you tell he loves to cuddle?”

6. “My cat has figured out that if he pulls the towels down from the heated drying rack, he gets extra warmth.”

7. “On occasion, our kittens will just sit and watch my husband play League of Legends on his laptop.”

8. “My cat absolutely adores my boyfriend.”

9. “My wife is 30 weeks pregnant and this is how her cat cuddles with her.”

10. “I cannot believe I caught this...”

11. When it’s still not your turn to use the sink...

12. “Some things never get old.”

13. “Just my cat making sure I don’t leave whenever I go sit on the porch”

14. “She saw a squirrel in this tree 3 years ago and checks every day to see if it’s back.”

15. “I planted some cat seeds in a pot last spring. Turned out pretty well.”

16. “This little guy just wants to be held so that he can sleep.”

17. “My cat has adopted my new tiny puppy as his kitten.”

18. “My cat doesn’t like water as you can see.”

Let’s make each other’s days warmer by sharing cute pics of our pets in the comments!

Preview photo credit twotacosfor99cents / Reddit


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when this puppy grows up it might behave like the cat 😉


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