18 Photos of Celebrities and Our Ancestors That Can Make You Believe in Reincarnation

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Have you ever thought that you might be a distant relative of some celebrity? The people from our compilation definitely have because the resemblance of their family members with famous people leave us with so many questions and a lingering suspicion that they might be part of their family.

Bright Side collected photos of parents, grandparents, and other relatives of various internet users that look like 2 peas in a pod with modern celebrities.

1. “My great- great-grandfather looks just like Matthew McConaughey.”

2. “My uncle Nick used to look exactly like Ryan Reynolds when he was a West Virginia coal miner in the 70s.”

3. “My father-in-law looked like Andy Samberg 40 years ago.”

4. “My great-grandfather looks just like Johnny Depp.”

5. “My friend’s grandma looked like John Travolta in her youth.”

6. “My uncle used to look like John Travolta.”

7. “My girlfriend’s 80-year-old grandfather used to look like Leonardo DiCaprio.”

8. “My great-grandmother looks exactly like Jimmy Kimmel.”

9. “My friend’s dad looked like James Franco while he was in the Navy.”

10. “My friend’s dad used to look like Zach Galifianakis.”

11. “My dad used to look just like Kevin Bacon.”

12. “My grandma looked like Scarlett Johansson when she was younger.”

13. “My grandpa used to look like the writer Hunter S. Thompson.”

14. “My grandfather in 1956 after being drafted into the Army. Looks like Zach Efron in my opinion.”

15. “My cousin looked like Chris Farley as a toddler.”

16. “My grandmother looked like Arya Stark in 1936.”

17. “My friend’s boyfriend had a great-great-grandmother who looked exactly like Steve Martin if he were in a Victorian-era cross-dressing comedy.”

18. “My parents’ wedding day, February 1961. I think Dad looks like Matt Damon.”

Bonus: Justin Timberlake looks like a live incarnation of the 19th century criminal Charles Burns.

Which of these resemblances impressed you the most? Do you also look like a celebrity? Please share your photos with us in the comments!


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