18 Photos That Show Nature From a Side You’ve Hardly Seen

year ago

Next time you go outside, try to look around. You may notice something that you’ve never seen before. Even an unusual leaf on the road can spice up your day. Nature is always ready to show us little wonders, and a little attention is all that’s needed.

1. “These caterpillars in my garden”

2. “Internet, meet Obi. He tries to eat air.”

3. “I found this mutant apple on my walk today.”

4. “This hermit crab turned a PVC pipe into a home.”

5. “This mushroom is growing out of a pine cone.”

6. “For the first time in 33 years, an egg without a yolk came through.”

7. “Cicadas on a fence”

8. “This (pumpkin?) my brother gave me”

9. “Hearts in moss growing on a tree”

10. “The way this pine straw covered this storm drain after a heavy rain”

11. “For anyone who has never seen an emu egg before”

12. “A birch tree with roots looking like tentacles”

13. “The gutter rain chains froze.”

14. “My dog is growing an extra toe in between her toes. She’s 5 and it started showing 3 weeks ago.”

15. “The way this railing’s shadow perfectly zigzags on the stairs”

16. “This leaf skeleton in my front yard”

17. “A huge butterfly found in Stockholm”

18. “This mold on my pumpkin looks exactly like a beard!”

Which picture impressed you the most? How often do you take pictures of nature?


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