18 Photos That Will Catch Your Eye Thanks to Non-Standard Angles

3 years ago

If you can’t figure out whether there’s a dog or a pig in front of you, if objects miraculously levitate in the air, or if stones look like they’re about to speak, don’t automatically assume that something’s wrong with you. Perhaps this confusion is all due to a different perspective or the specific position that you see an object from.

Bright Side came across some photos that are quite simple, but thanks to the unusual angle they were captured in, they garnered lots of attention from Internet users. As a bonus feature, we added a photo that can easily overwhelm your emotions.

“I looked up from dinner so utterly confused. You’ll feel quite silly until you realize what’s going on with the knife.”

“This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store”

“This is Pumpkin. She’s 19 and this is the best photo that has ever been taken of her.”

“Thought I left my hatch open.”

“The Sphynx cat we are looking after appears ready to be seasoned and baked at 350°F when seen from this angle.”

“This dog is my pilot.”

“This cow looks like it’s eating a smaller cow.”

This building looks like a single wall of windows from this angle.

“Took me a while to see the second good boy.”

“Accidentally created a porcupine by pouring instant coffee over an Americano.”

“Come, I’ll give you a hug.”

What a multi-story paradise looks like...

“When my dog lays in a certain position, she looks like a pig.”

“This is a wasp nest that has grown around some floodlights on a garage”

“Went boating on Saratoga Lake, NY, and saw this cloud that looked like a Victorian lady.”

“My wife and I caught this beautiful moment over the weekend in Nova Scotia, Canada.”

“If you’ve ever wondered exactly what cats do with their paws and limbs when they loaf, here you go. This little guy sends a heart to us.”

“Thought there was a cow in my neighbor’s garden. I need new glasses.”

Bonus: “Was trying to take a photo of how my kid fell asleep. Ended up with the greatest photo our cat has ever taken.”

Have you ever experienced your vision cheating you or faced a confusing perspective? Please share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Butsrsly / Reddit


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Love the picture of the rainbow in Nova Scotia, but the dogs do make the photo perfect!


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