18 Pics That Can Totally Deceive Your Mind and Eyesight

2 years ago

People with bizarre heads, animals that are missing body parts, and objects disguised as food — the angles or timing of some photos can definitely mess with your eyes and trick your brain into thinking that they are something else.

Bright Side collected 18 photos that can give us a mental workout from deciphering their true nature or context.

1. “My dog looked up at the right moment to give me a wise man beard.”

2. It’s not what it looks like...

3. “Forbidden spaghetti: this is yarn that’s in the process of being dyed.”

4. “This cardboard looks like an ancient city.”

5. “My pineapple-scented wax melt looked like a pineapple ring.”

6. “Completely thought the other car had some strange grill modification.”

7. “The river god showed himself when the water turned perfectly clear.”

8. This cat’s tongue made it look like she had lip fillers.

9. That’s a really, really tiny head.

10. “The goat’s ribs are exposed?”

11. “This pic of my wife and me looks like 2 pictures put together.”

12. “Soccer ball head”

13. “The talent is so well lit in the gym that in the reflection behind us, it looks like she’s stretching in the parking lot.”

14. This 2D building

15. “One super-sized arm, please!”

16. Giant broccoli!

17. This is not a piece of meat.

“It’s a jasper, or a variety of the mineral quartz, which was carved to look like pork. It is part of Taiwan’s National Palace Museum’s collection.”

18. “The grass has claimed another victim.”

Was there ever a time that you mistook an object or viewed a scenario differently than what it really was? Share your experience or photo with us in the comment section.


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