18 Pics That You Can’t See Correctly the First Time

2 years ago

While we might think every human sees reality in the same way, we probably are not seeing the same thing that our friends are. Scientists say that each human perceives things in their own unique way, making it easy to fall for simple visual tricks.

After seeing these pictures, all of us at Bright Side were left scratching our heads, so we put together our favorite ones for you.

1. “My dad took this photo that looks like I’m talking to myself.”

2. This dog with binocular eyes

3. “The material makes it look like the separators are transparent.”

4. “This building has no depth.”

5. “That’s a long-necked chicken.”

6. “I screamed and pulled my dog away from this tree branch before I realized it wasn’t a snake.”

7. That is one giant spider on the ceiling!

8. “The shadows cast by the wires make it look like my walls have veins.”

9. Where does one cat end and the other begins?

10. “This cloud formation makes it look like a volcano eruption over a mountain.”

11. “My shutter caught it so that it looks like it’s day on the left and night on the right.”

12. “The lid of this popcorn makes it look like it’s spinning at high speed.”

13. “The way the snow’s coming off of this car makes it look like a cloth sheet.”

14. “My dog has a birthmark that makes it look like she has a snaggletooth.”

15. “Someone put a sticker of a plug socket on the wall. It appears to have tricked a lot of people, considering the wear.”

16. “The key in the keyhole on my door looks like it’s clear!”

17. “The angle in this hallway makes it look like a mirror is there.”

18. “Walking half a dog”

Which photo left you scratching your head the longest? Did these optical illusions trick you, or were none of these able to mess with your mind?

Preview photo credit npc48837 / reddit


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