18 seriously cool ways to use ice cube trays

2 years ago

Has anybody ever tried to add flowers to some ice cubes? We certainly haven’t. But it seems that we should have. They can make any drink much more interesting, even if it’s just plain water.

We recommend that you start getting ready for the next heat wave right now, and play around with ice cubes.


If you have some coffee left in the pot, try freezing it, and then add iced coffee cubes to your milk. You will end up with a very yummy cocktail!


You can also try freezing leftover wine. Wine cubes can be a perfect addition to your Sangria.


If you have some yoghurt that is about to hit its use-by date, you can freeze it in an ice cube tray and use it for smoothies.

Peach purée

Frozen peach purée cubes can become a colourful and delicious addition to any kind of dessert.

Watermelon chunks

You don’t even need an ice cube tray to get these perfectly natural, fruity cubes.

Frozen flowers

Ice cubes with frozen flowers are the perfect little touch for your romantic evening.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

These will probably become the most delightful thing you’ve ever eaten!


Frozen grenadine cubes will give a peculiar but very sweet flavour to your champagne.

Blood orange juice

These will give a lovely citrus flavour to your favourite drinks.

Edible tinsel

Put these in your cocktails and they will light up any party!


Unusual, you might be thinking, but this is a great way to keep your Japanese appetizers fresh for a really long time.

Aloe juice

This can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Puréed fruits

A colourful addition to your smoothies.

Edible flowers

They have no flavour at all, but they look awesome!


Make chocolate ice cubes and add some milk to get a delicious chocolate cocktail.

Lime juice and mint

Perfect for making a home-made Mojito.

Ice cream

A seriously original way to serve milkshakes. Your children will be delighted!

Multilayered fruit ice cubes

These will look spectacular even in plain water.


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