18 Times Cooking Proved to Be One Heck of a Job

4 years ago

Cooking a meal yourself or buying it ready-to-eat is a task that everybody faces at least once during the day. But what should you do if cooking isn't your strong suit? You can give up or keep trying... and trying again.

Bright Side has made a collection of 18 photos that prove that cooking is really hard.

18."Really glad I started meal prepping, really changed my life."

17. A great way to start the day!

16. They're not burnt cinnamon rolls, just some beautiful modern art.

15. Cake from hell

14. Oops, something went wrong...

13. How are you supposed to spread it?

12. Spinach before cooking vs. spinach after cooking

11. We all know that feeling.

10. Expectations vs reality

9. You could lay pavement with this stuff.

8. "When your sister melts the oven tray, but the chicken nuggets are just chilling."

7. Well, at least you tried ...

6. "I wonder what it tastes like."

5. When you watch Chopped once and become a classically trained chef:

4. Shocking! Just, why?

3. Snow White isn't what she used to be.

2. We hope this wasn't right before Valentines Day...

1. "It happened again with my brownies."

Which shot did you like the most? Do you think that cooking is hard? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit blondecontradiction/Imgur


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