18 Times People Showed How Perspective Can Change Your Vision

year ago

If you’re stuck with any task, just change your perspective and the solution may appear as if from nowhere. Photographers prove this fact by taking amazing pictures that show how an ordinary thing can look totally different if you take just a few steps to the side.

1. The building is sinking.

2. “The shiniest truck I’ve ever seen”

3. Nice feet!

4. “I thought an alpaca was driving.”

5. A giant mantis

6. “For a split second, I thought something had gone terribly wrong with my cat.”

7. “A really bumpy, muscley arm”

8. “Must be a really good nap.”

9. “Tiny luggage”

10. “Very clear water”

11. “The sun hit at the perfect angle at the perfect moment.”

12. “A confusing perspective”

13. “Eating spaghetti”

14. “This chair leg is blowing my mind right now.”

15. “I’ll kick your lights out.”

16. “More bark than bite?”

17. “I made this illusion rug.”

18. “I had to double take at this one.”

How is your day going? Did you see anything confusing today? What was it?

Preview photo credit jmcman55 / Reddit, Adonzo / Reddit


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