18 Times Reality Baffled Our Brain So Much, a Closer Look Was Necessary

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Reality plays with our minds sometimes, and the camera can show it even more. Studies showed that the viewing angle from which we look at someone influences how we perceive this person. A slight change of perspective can leave a completely different impression on us.

We at Bright Side never get tired of changing our vantage point, and we want to share 18 peculiar pics that show how reality can play with our minds.

1. “The only vehicle I have ever seen that made me want to stop and take a picture.”

2. “I was a little thrown off when I looked up.”

3. “The kid never skips leg day!”

4. “This dead branch looks like a lion.”

5. “Very tight watch”

6. “Long-legged kitty”

7. “Taken outside some re-tail store.”

8. “I thought I lost the kitten.”

9. The base of this fan is alive.

10. “A horse coughing up another horse”

11. “These 2 people sat on a bench, and their faces merged into a real-life Picasso face.”

12. “It’s not a picture frame.”

13. “Lips or plants?”

14. “Don’t ever talk to me or my son again.”

15. “I took a photo of our neighbor’s cat wanting to come in.”

16. “White wheels”

17. “The way the sun casts shadows under this structure.”

18. “Did a 180° turn in my living room and was immediately confused.”

Which pic did you like the most? How often do you see confusing things?


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