19 Amazing Tattoos That Mean the World to Their Owners

4 years ago

tattoo is a certain way to express yourself. That’s why even the smallest ones hide a deep meaning. In this article, we’ve collected some tattoos and once you see them, their meaning will be clear for both their owners and anyone around.

Bright Side is sure that tattoos can be both beautiful and meaningful. Here are 19 examples proving we’re right.

19. “Tribute tattoo to my best friend who passed away.”

18. Your family is the most important thing.

17. Never lose your wings.

16. “Dad’s last 3 heartbeats...”

15. Discovering the universe

14. It’s time to live.

13. Let your ideas come alive.

12. Tiny details matter.

11. Hiding your inner demons

10. “You set me free.”

9. Life is tough.

8. Everything depends on you.

7. “Hold me close.”

6. There’s always a new beginning.

5. You can start with a cup of coffee.

4. Predictions

3. Follow your own rules.

2. Never let the weather upset you.

1. Resolve all your conflicts.

What tattoos usually inspire you? Do you have a favorite tattoo artist?


Though I don't like black-and-white tattoos so much, these works are just amazing.. so meaningful. I might even consider getting something like this. Is it painful?

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