19 Animals That Think Any Place Is Perfect to Take a Little Break

2 years ago

Pets always find a way to surprise us. When we finally think we know our little animals, they manage to do something new that makes our jaws drop. Sometimes they surprise us by discovering that the strangest and most random places are the ones where they prefer to stop and take a break. And even if it’s more or less inconvenient spots, we can’t help but sigh because of how cute they are.

Bright Side compiled some examples of the weirdest places pets can claim as their own to take a break from their busy lives.

1. “Where should I sits? I think I’ll sits here.”

2. “This seat will do just fine.”

3. “My rabbit ’adjusting’ to the newborn”

4. “Just make yourself comfortable, Dweezil.”

5. “Finally found the problem with our flattened flowers. 🙄😩”

6. “Elijah, you weigh 12 pounds and earn approximately negative 100 dollars a month. Why are you taking up 75% of the desk chair?”

7. “At least she doesn’t eat it.”

8. “That’s enough news for today.”

9. “I don’t need to breathe at all apparently.”

10. “Throwback to when my goat was standing on my donkey.”

11. “Now I know why my dog tries to avoid him. 😂”

12. “This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to catch birds on camera!”

13. “Carried some stuff inside and this is what I came back to.”

14. “He felt left out. We *tried* to work on our puzzle.”

15. “Apparently, our cat thinks he owns next door’s bike.”

16. “I was sitting here playing a game, got up for water, and came back to this.”

17. “It’s my fault not to wake up early enough to shotgun my chair.”

18. “He’s not allowed to go on the table.”

19. “Seriously!!! Why??? Then she 💩 on my truck!”

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever found your pet sleeping?


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