19 Bold Trends That Many People Want to Forget as Nightmares

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3 years ago

Fashion is full of bizarre trends that delight some and irritate others. Whether it’s ripped jeans, Uggs, or platform sneakers — trends replace each other, and some of them disappear without a trace. But fashion is cyclical, and trends can always return.

At Bright Side, we respect trends but some of them really leave us speechless. And as it turns out, we’re not alone. Internet users have proposed the question: “What one fashion trend do you hope to never see again?” And people haven’t been shy about answering.

  • Super ripped jeans: “There’s a limit to everything and any pair of jeans that are this distressed is a pair that I will neither wear nor enjoy seeing on others. And it’s not because I’m some sort of prude (I’m anything but) but give me a break. I’m okay with the threaded areas but not the gaping holes. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up to a world without distressed denim. Sort of like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.” © Julia Reece / quora

  • Ripped jeans with paint splatter: “Everyone criticizes ripped jeans. They’re not very practical. Whenever I wear ripped jeans, my feet always get stuck in the ripped parts and enlarge the gaping wound in the fabric which I call fashion. A worse version is ripped jeans with paint stains. Not only do you look homeless but a homeless painter who may or may not have been robbed. What is the purpose of these jeans? You don’t have artistic talents but we enable you to look artistic and poor?” © Reece-Ansaa / quora
  • Ripped clothes: “I know that lots of people are in love with this fashion trend and big brands are selling ‘hole’ fashion at exaggerated prices. Underwear is made using more material than this! This whole fashion trend makes one look more like a poor homeless person instead of attractive or neatly dressed.” © Rashmi-270 / quora
  • Clear plastic clothing and shoes: “I get that it’s cool to try something just because it was worn by celebrities like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian but come on. Their lack of breathability is scary and why would you willingly put these on knowing full well that condensation happens? If you’re still wanting to look like a PVC princess, think of it this way: The outfit’s great for photo ops or cocktail hour — less so for dancing all night or wandering around town. Positano notes it’s about wearing them ’in moderation.’” © Michelle Kiisa / Quora
  • Ugg boots: “Ugg boots are, were, and still will remain one of the ugliest fashion trends, in my opinion. It is not just tacky but gigantically unapproving to wear in public.” © Sneha-Sinha-339 / quora
  • Leggings with wacky prints: “As if wearing normal, printed leggings as pants weren’t bad enough, someone took the prints to the next level and gave birth to one of the worst fashion trends ever. These crazy printed leggings don’t look good with anything, I feel. Unless you’re at a costume party, these kinds of printed leggings are the ultimate fashion faux pas.” © Sunakshi-Sinha / quora

  • The puffed hairstyle: “For some reason, I find this type of ‘higher than your highness’ puffed hair really cringeworthy. Perhaps because they require vigorous hair teasing and half a bottle of hairspray to hold them in place. And what for? To make your hair look like a beehive placed on top of your head?” © Sunakshi-Sinha / quora

  • Fake pockets: “This particular day, I was clothes shopping. I picked out a really awesome pair of jeans. I tried them on. I loved them and they were really comfortable. Then I moved my hands down around the waist, expecting them to slip into 2 front pockets. But nope. My hands wouldn’t go into the pockets. ’Where are the pockets?’ I realized that the ’pockets’ I saw on these jeans were fake. I have one question about fake pockets: why? Why do they make fake pockets? What’s the point of them? You know, sometimes I don’t want to carry a bag around with my stuff. Surely we deserve some sort of pocket.” © Amy-Smith-1572 / quora

  • MC Hammer pants: “For those that are not familiar, these were very popular with both males and females in the late ’80s and very early ’90s. Looking back, I’m not sure what the draw was, they were super unflattering. They were cinched at the waist, then they sort of ballooned out but hung very loose to the ankles. They were usually made of some kind of rayon-blend material. I actually kept a pair of mine, I don’t know why, but I was cleaning out my closet in the early 2000s and found them. My kids could not believe these were actually all the rage when I was in high school. They provided some great entertainment at that moment but I would never want to see them make a comeback!” © Michelle-Luna-68 / quora
  • Polo shirts with a turned-up collar: “The very first time I saw some dude wearing something like this was in college. Hi, I’m Dracula!” © Andy-Si-2 / quora
  • Jumpsuits: “They’re super irritating. Whenever you need to pee... Literally, you are sitting naked. I guess this is the worst fashion trend till then.” © Jyoti-Gupta-315 / quora
  • Silver hair: “Where I live, it has become common to see people dying their hair ’silver’ for the past 2 or 3 years. It makes people look ill and 15 years older. Fortunately, the trend is dying.” © Erick-Freitas / quora
  • Teeth grills: “Maybe this obsession started with hip-hop culture, but I cannot understand its popularity. They look heinous and I’m sure they’re uncomfortable, but I guess fashion takes its sacrifices. I hope I will never get to see this trend again in the future.” © Spoorti-Sadarjoshi-1 / qoura
  • Nude-color leggings: “I have not once, not twice, but countless times mistook girls for wearing nothing underneath their tops. All thanks to the nude legging trend that is still baffling to me. It gives the impression of bare legs and only if you look up close can you see the presence of fabric.” © Sneha-Sinha-339 / quora
  • The bandana shirt: “Like, what even is this? It’s just ugly in my opinion and it doesn’t look that flattering. I don’t care if people wear it but it’s just not for me.” © Cadence Michelle / Quora
  • Platform sneakers: “I used to want these shoes so badly when I was a pre-teen. I was all about the Spice Girls and they always wore platform sneakers. But these shoes are a total disaster. What’s the point of them anyway? Sneakers are supposed to be comfortable.” © Ali-Emtiaz-1 / quora
  • Women’s wooden clogs: “Here’s a horror from the 1970s I never want to see (or hear) again: women’s wooden clogs! I remember walking through the mall or a department store and the place would be so noisy with dozens of feet clomping every which way. Just awful!” © Douglas-Dea / quora
  • Ripped jeans and fishnets: “Ripped jeans alone is one thing. I will never understand how they can become so ripped that there’s barely any ’jeans’ left. And fishnets. Tights are one thing to me, but no one is going to go to a concert wearing fishnets under their dress. The whole point of tights is to keep you warm. Together, ripped jeans and fishnets just creates a really bad pain when you have to go to the bathroom.” © Rose-Wilder-6 / quora

What fashion trends do you hope to never see again? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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omg!! how do people get these crazy fashion!! but, I love ripped jeans not too ripped
Wow, had people really been doing this smudged lipstick thing? It looks like you've been making out pretty hard :O Yeah, fashion is weird lol!

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