19 Examples of Selfless Parental Love That Stay With Children No Matter What

3 years ago

Parents make great sacrifices for their children’s care. Whether it’s protecting them from danger day after day, listening to rants, or comforting them after having a nightmare, parents sacrifice their most precious time no matter what happens, providing unconditional love.

We at Bright Side understand the love parents give to us, which is why we’re pleased to share these lovely parents who go above and beyond for their kids.

1. When the colleges were shut down, this father made his daughter’s graduation day special by building a stage in his driveway.

2. “I grew up without a dad. Last week I made the front page of our local paper for being one.”

3. “My mother kept these for 40 years, and they’re now my son’s first pair of shoes.”

4. A Syrian father selling pens in Beirut while holding his sleeping daughter

5. An autistic boy was sad that Blockbuster closed, so his parents built him his own Blockbuster at home.

6. “As a single father, this means the world to her, even though I’m not very good at it.”

7. “I told my grandpa not to get me anything for my birthday, so he got me a Pac-Man arcade machine.”

8. This girl has cerebral palsy but her amazing dad helped her to complete the triathlon.

9. This lucky boy surely won’t feel forgotten while away from home.

10. This dad sure knows how to support a child!

11. Dad for the win!

12. “My dad had recently passed and I found a letter I gave him as a kid that he kept for 15 years.”

13. “I didn’t think my dad ever paid attention to all the random Pokémon facts I would tell him. I guess he actually did.”

14. This mother is almost 100 and she’s still taking care of her paralyzed son.

15. A family noticed that there were no amusement parks for disabled people, so they built one for their daughter and kids from all over the world!

16. The mother of the Great Prime Minister of India is still taking care of him, no matter how old or powerful he becomes.

17. This boy has SMA, but his father found a way to delight him by creating a magic wheelchair.

18. “I’m a single father and a dirty mechanic but every weekend I have my girls, they paint my fingernails.”

19. A dad brings joy to his kid each time he pays a visit by hiding $20 in unexpected places.

What do you think about these ways of parenting? What does being “selfless” mean to you?


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