19 Gadgets That Will Give Your Mornings a Head Start

3 years ago

According to statistics, we spend about 7.6 days a year on getting ready in the mornings. No wonder we're constantly trying to do all the necessary stuff as fast as we can, and in this case modern technologies may help us a lot by making our life much easier.

Bright Side made a list of the most fascinating gadgets that can improve your morning routine and help you start your day in a good mood.

19. A heated bed table for those who love to have breakfast right in bed

18. A tracking device that won't let you lose your keys or wallet again

17. A brewing alarm that allows you to have a cup of coffee without leaving your bed

16. A toothbrush that shows the spots you've missed

15. A voice-activated assistant that can answer any of your questions

14. An alarm clock that simulates a sunrise

13. A personal sleep manager that monitors your brainwaves and figures out when it's the best time for you to wake up

12. An alarm clock that runs away from you

11. A sandwich maker that cooks a perfect breakfast in 5 minutes

10. A brush that can cleanse your face in one minute

9. A pillow that wakes you up with light and nature sounds

8. An alarm that helps you let off some steam by shooting it

7. A helicopter alarm that flies in the air when ringing

6. A pancake pen that can make each breakfast unforgettable

5. A bedroom rug that will definitely make you get up

4. A waterproof speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite music when taking a shower

3. A compact coffee maker that is always available

2. An ultra-quiet hairdryer that won't wake up your family members

1. A pancake maker that helps you cook perfect eggs and pancakes

How do you usually manage your morning routine? Share your experience in the comments!

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